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2-3inch Discus

1lot $28.00each, 5Lot $23.00each, 10Lot $180.00, 15Lot $210.00
 Minimum Discus for sale order is $100. Please email or call us to purchase.

3.5-4.5inch Discus

1lot $40.00each,  5lot $175.00, 10 lot $300.00, full box of 15lot $360.00
Minimum Discus for sale order is $100. Please email or call us to purchase.

marlboro red discusRed turquoise discus and brilliant blue turquoise discusred dragon discussnow white discusYellow melon discus
Marlboro Red Discus for sale    Mixed Brilliant blue and red turquoise Discus     Red Dragon Discus               White diamond Discus                    Yellow Melon Discus

Super red turquoise discusbrillient blue discusBlue Snakeskin DiscusRoyal Blue DiscusGolden Dragon Discus
Super Red Tiger Turquoise Discus             Brillient Blue Discus                     Blue Snakeskin Discus                       Royal Blue Discus For Sale                    Golden Dragon Discus For Sale

red snakeskin discusCobalt blue diamond discusRed Diamond DiscusSuper red snakeskin DiscusYellow dragon
Red fineline snakeskin Discus      Cobalt blue diamond Discus       Red diamond Discus For Sale          Super red snakeskin discus for sale               Discus Yellow dragon discus

Royal blue thai discusgolden tiger dragon discushifin royal gold discusneon blue discusneon cobalt striated discus
Royal thai dragon Discus                 Spiderweb dragon Discus                  Royal gold Discus                  Neon blue Discus           Neon cobalt blue Discus

spiderweb turquoise discusPearl spiderweb Discuspigeon blood x snakeskin DiscusPiegeon blood discusred dragon discus
Neon spiderweb Discus            Pearl spider dragon Discus   Pigeon blood x snake skin Discus        Pigeon blood Discus For Sale                        Red dragon Discus For Sale

Red melon discus 6inchPigeon Blood DiscusVelvet and red white discusRoyal blue turquoise Discusroyal gold dragon Discus fish
                          Red melon Discus              Pigeon blood Discus                     Red whiute/red velvet Discus              Royal Blue turquoise              Discus Exotic red dragon Discus

Mated pair of Discus fishsan merah Discus Fishsnow white Discus Fishspiderweb turquoise Discus Fishspiderweb cobalt Discus fish
Mated pair of dragon Discus         San merah Discus             Snow white Discus              Spiderweb red turq Discus                   super red cobalt spiderweb Discus

super red snakeskine Discusmated pair of Discustiger turquoise Discus fishtiger turquoise Discus fish 2inchviolet reflection Discus fish
 Red snakeskin            Discus mated pair of tangerine queen/pigeonblood Discus     Tiger turquoise Discus           Tiger turquoise Discus              Violet reflection Discus    

Discus with babies/fryyellow melon Discus fishyellow pearled Discus fishyellow spiderweb Discus fish
Yellow dragon Discus with fry/babies                 Yellow melon Discus for sale                  Yellow pearl Discus                    Yellow dragon Discus

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